Table of Contents

About Flight Test Checklist
  • Introduction
  • Who This Book Is For
  • How To Use This Book
  • Plan Your Flight
  • Scope
  • Disclaimer
  • Notes, Cautions, and Warnings
  • Use of Nautical Miles per Hour (K)
  • Flying Duration
  • Closed Loop Handling Qualities Testing
  • Cooper Harper Rating Scale
  • Minimum Flight Experience
  • Standard Test Day
  • Regulations
  • Abbreviations

Section 1 Prior to Flight
    Pitot Static Test
    Powerplant Test
    Taxi Test
    Before First Flight
    Emergency Procedures

Section 2 Getting Airborne
    First Flight
      First Take Off
      First Flight Procedures
      Pre-stall Speed Check
    The Second Flight
    The Third Flight

Section 3 Confirmation
    Gear Retraction
    Climb And Descent
    Calibrating The Airspeed Indicator

Section 4 Expanding the Envelope
    Expanding The Envelope
    Stall Speed Test
      Power Off Stall
      Power On Stall
    The Rate Of Climb Test
    Slow Flight Test

Section 5 Stability and Control
    Static Longitudinal Stability Check
    Manoeuvre Margin
    Dynamic Longitudinal Stability Check
    Lateral And Longitudinal Stability Control Test
    Dynamic Lateral - Directional Modes
      Spiral Stability
      Dutch Role
      Role Performance
    Preventing Flutter
    Harmonic Resonance

Section 6 Spins and Accelerated Stalls
    Spin Flight Test
    Accelerated Stalls

Section 7 Last But Not Least
    Maximum Gross Weight And Centre Of Gravity Check
    Service Ceiling Test
    Navigation Equipment Test
    Fuel Consumption Test
    Night Operations Test
    Any Additional Testing

Appendix A Sample Check Lists
    From Pre - External to Shutdown (Example Checklists)

Appendix B Flight Manual Summary
    Performance Data Summary
    Operating Data and Limits

Appendix C Data Reduction
    Calibrating the Airspeed Indicator
    Rate of Climb

Appendix D Test Cards
    Spare test cards that will be required