Stall Speed Test

Objective: To determine the power off stall speed and behaviour.
  • Carburetor heat ON
  • Power OFF
  • Flaps UP
  • Gear UP
Warning: On clean, high performance aircraft or aircraft with unusual
wing design, a pre-stall buffet may not exist and the stall may be abrupt
and violent with a large wing drop.

Power Off Stall

  • Recheck CG is forward prior to flight.
  • Secure all cockpit items.
  • Climb to 6,000 AGL.
Note: If you feel that 6,000 AGL is not adequate then increase your altitude.
  • Clearing turns.
  • Stabilize airspeed and altitude.
  • Reduce airspeed and trim at 1.3 x Vps.
  • Decelerate slowly ( K per second).
  • Small control inputs.
  • Maintain ball centred with rudder.
  • Allow the aircraft to stall.
  • Recover immediately:
    - Forward pressure on control column.
    - Full power.
  • Record speed for first sign of buffet, stall speed, and behaviour.
Subsequent stalls (record on test card): Ideal Stall